Our extensive professional experience combined with the ability to apprehend the very nature of the aviation market qualifies us to share our gem of wisdom and extensive deep knowledge through our business consutling services for vip jet operators.

We offer aircraft management consulting services, by organising your newly delivered aircraft or by arranging an excellent new set-up for your existing ones. Let us help you with the design and the interior of your jet working together with your team. Let us work with you selecting the very best crystal, cutlery, linens, flatware or amenities all those major details in your business jet's cabin or lavatories.

We can also help you set-up an efficient cost control system for catering arrangements by demonstrating the worldwide shopping option and self-made menu preparation for your flight attendants. Let us show you the way of being excellent and highly-qualified in offering the highest in-flight service on board, which does not necessarily means it has to be super expensive for you. It must have a personal touch, a touch of creativity - which eventually means luxury. 

Count on us! We love luxury, we create excellence, we support creativity! 

We also provide international or domestic bespoke in-house Vip Flight Attendant seminars, which address to your company's needs, rules and policies. Traveling to your base and conducting our courses at your facility, gives us the advantage of organizing excellent, tailor-made classes for your staff, so that to properly match your company's high standards and specifications. 

The in-house courses and the business consulting services are being offered by Mary Kalymnou, who has a long hands-on experience in corporate aviation and she is qualified as a part of high standard cabin service on business jets such as the Gulfstream 450/500/550, Embraer Legacy, Falcon, B757, Global Express and Cessna Citation, where she has repeatedly hosted a high-ranking international clientele and.

It's the inside working knowledge of this highly competitive market, that makes us stand out!


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