Business aviation is a fast growing, ever-changing industry and whether your aircrafts are charter or private, it is of the essence to have the most experienced and highly skilled VIP Flight Attendants representing you and your company's standards on board. Always being in the front line, flight attendants are the face of your company and their high quality service can ensure your customer's return.

We can assist you ensure this return.
We offer international or domestic in-house Vip Flight Attendant seminars, which address directly to your company's needs, rules and policies. Traveling to your base and conducting our courses at your facility, gives us the advantage of organizing excellent, tailor-made classes for your staff, so that they can properly meet with your company's high standards and specific requirements. 

You can either choose from the list of topics covered in our Vip Flight Attendant Seminar or communicate us your company's prerequisites so as we can build the ideal one for you, based on your specific preferences. Have a look at our seminar schedule here, select your topics of preference and let's create together the perfect course for your excellent flight attendants! 
In addition, we offer aircraft management consulting services, by organizing your newly delivered aircraft. Let us work with you selecting the very best crystal, cutlery, linens, flatware or amenities all those major details in your business jet's cabin or lavatories. Find more information by visiting our Business Consulting Page.

Our in-house courses are conducted by Mary Kalymnou, who has a long hands-on experience in corporate aviation, having been qualified as a part of high standard cabin service on business jets such as the Gulfstream 450/500/550, Embraer Legacy, Falcon, B757, Global Express and Cessna Citation and repeatedly hosting a high-ranking international clientele and has an inside working knowledge of this highly competitive market. 



Kindly acknowledge that we do not perform any kind of safety trainings regarding the inflight emergency procedures, in any of our seminars or workshops. 

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