"There is no second chance in making an excellent first impression"

Your résumé is your first chance to make a good impression and it applies to every working field. However, when it comes to aviation's unique hiring process and especially to Open Days, your résumé is your chance to stand out of the crowd, a crowd of thousands awaiting to get the same chance with you.
A great résumé isn't only gonna raise your chances in being called out for an interview, it is your ticket to success!

Building your flight attendant CV is one of the most important steps to consider. Based on how you present it, you may or may not be invited for an interview with an airline or a corporate operator.

So let’s design together a great résumé and increase your chances of securing the perfect placement within the aviation spectrum.

After all, experience makes all the difference.

Our expertise in aviation spans 10 years, so whether you are just starting out in aviation or are a tenured employee, we will provide insights and guidance into the appropriate path for your specific situation. 
Your investment in your career includes:
- A thorough one-hour telephone consultation where we get to know you, your background and your career goals.
- A uniquely designed résumé and cover letter with your specific qualifications and accomplishments.
- A follow-up phone call or meet-up for revisions.

If you do not get invited to an interview within 60 days, we will rewrite your CV and cover letter for FREE


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