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Mary Kalymnou started her aviation career in 2006 and has a record of over 10 years of hands-on customer service experience in both commercial and corporate worldwide aviation. An aviation specialist herself, Mary has been following the “learning-by-doing” rule during the time she has been in practice. She is qualified as a part of high standard cabin service on business jets such as the Gulfstream 450/500/550, Embraer Legacy, Falcon, B757, Global Express and Cessna Citation, where she has repeatedly hosted a high-ranking international clientele including members of royal families, heads of state, CEO's and various celebrities. Her further strong background as a Personal /Family Flight Attendant, contributed in acquiring her deep understanding and expertise on fulfilling passengers' extraordinary needs and special requests.

In 2013, she started a Luxury Travel and Lifestyle Blog called Maryhop and since then, she continually inspires hundreds of ladies to follow their dream to pursue a career in aviation. Her strong influence on aspiring flight attendants, lead her into taking her next career step by creating The Vip Excellence, where she hosts a plethora of seminars and personal development courses she elaborately created for those aspiring to transition from commercial to business aviation as well as for aviation "newcomers".

She is commited to raising the standards within the business aviation by utilising her valuable 10-year experience as a VIP Flight Attendant and achieve her goal to deliver her experience, knowledge and passion for the entire aviation spectrum to all future candidates, in order to reach the highest level of customer service excellence. 

In 2017 she was an honoured judge at Hotel Design Awards, as part of Hotel Show 2017. 



The Vip Excellence is a Career Development Center that provides Exceptional Customer Service Excellence Courses to individuals in order to reach their highest potential in the workplace. Our tailor-made courses uncover the secrets and strategies of improving and gaining outstanding levels of unparalleled customer service and satisfaction.
Having the mission to maximize the level of professionalism, makes us always ensure all candidates meet and exceed the highest service standards. Working in small groups of 8-10 people, allows us to pay special attention to each participant's needs and questions while creating an excellent and friendly atmosphere in our private venue in the center of Athens, Greece.
Our extensive professional experience combined with the ability to apprehend the very nature of the customer service philosophy, qualifies us to share our gem of wisdom by putting this exact knowledge in our two different areas of expertise:


We take great pride in being the only Career Center for Flight Attendants in Greece, which specializes in business aviation - while also being the very first of its kind! The Vip Excellence combines customer service excellence courses and one-to-one consulting with worldwide flight attendant recruitment, for both new and existing corporate and commercial flight attendants.

We organize Seminars, Workshops, Consulting Sessions as well as plenty of Business Courses.

Our diamond course, the Vip Flight Attendant Seminar addresses to both existing and potential Vip flight attendants and focuses on developing and honing the skills and tools needed by corporate aviation. In addition, various themed Workshops are being conducted in collaboration with noted professionals and experts, while in the meantime we offer high quality one-to-one consulting services for helping participants to land their dream job. Those three along with our boutique recruitment which specializes in the placement of corporate flight attendants worldwide, make the perfect combo for those pursuing excellence in aviation.


We offer aircraft management consulting services, by organising your newly delivered aircraft or by arranging an excellent new set-up for your existing ones. READ MORE...


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