22, Ιουνίου 2018

Mastering the skills needed in order to reach the high standards required in corporate aviation is a work-in-progress and requires years of experience, love and dedication for the demanding needs of this field. Expertise is key when it comes to pursuing your dream career and besides the need for constant training and hands-on experience, sneaking a peek into the exceptional world of Corporate Flight Attendants offers valuable insights and a different kind of understanding for the needs of the job.

Our journey into the world of real Vip Flight Attendants continues with Jelisaveta Sosa. She shares her story, secrets and tips for existing and potential Vip Flight Attendants.

Let's fly with Jelisaveta!

Name: Jelisaveta Sosa
Aircraft you've flown on during your career: Airbus 319, Airbus 320, Boeing 737, Boeing 777
Where did you get your training? Butler College London for Silver Service, Lufthansa Training Center for Purser, Etihad Academy Initial and Premium Cabin Crew Training
Base location(s): KSA, Montenegro, Malta
Number of years as a Commercial FA: 2
Corporate FA: 3

How did you first get into being a corporate flight attendant?

I was contacted via Linkedin.


What do you enjoy the most about being a VIP flight attendant? And what is the most difficult part for you?

The most I enjoy is flying. Being a VIP Flight Attendant comes with some amazing perks like two weeks long layovers, bigger salary etc.


Have you ever worked as a freelance corporate flight attendant and if yes, was it easy for you to find work?

No, I didn't.


What are some in-flight catering challenges you have experienced? How did you overcome them?

Orders are coming late or sometimes not at all. A few times, what I ordered was not what it was delivered. With experience you learn to work with what you have. In this job you have to be very creative.


Could you describe a highlighted/memorable flight?

The most memorable flights are the ones with Presidents of certain countries.




Could you name some of your career highlights?

Working for the Royal Family is most certainly my career highlight. Also, flying on one of only three VVIP Boeing 777 in the world, I consider it one of my biggest successes in my career so far.


What's your favorite destination and why?

My forever favorite city in the world is Paris. I love everything about Paris: the food, the wine, the people, its architecture, fashion, culture. Everything.


What do you feel are important skills for a successful CFA?

Communication and organizational skills. Also, you have to be creative, adaptable and discreet.

Is there any advice you'd like to give anybody who wants to become a corporate flight attendant?

Never give up on your dreams.


Describe this job in three words!

Fabulous, adventurous and amusing.

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